Helping Car and Van Buyers

Fairer finance for more people

At Close Brothers Motor Finance, we’re open to looking at individual circumstances so that we can quickly get you behind the wheel of your new car or van, providing you are over the age of 21. Our fresh approach means that we are focussed on providing a personal, professional, non-credit-scoring method of securing your motor loan. 


We offer finance solutions, including competitive rates and an exceptional service to consumers with an established credit history, non-consumers, SMEs, self-employed, previous adverse credit customers and customers with little or no credit history.

  • Consumers with an established credit history and perfect track record
  • Consumers, including people with a complex or limited credit history
  • Self-employed people
  • Small and medium-sized businesses

    Complex Credit History

    If you have been refused finance in the past, here at Close Brothers Motor Finance, we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach and will look to offer you a tailored finance solution to suit your personal circumstances. 


    Our team of experts review applications on an individual basis before making a decision, which we believe is much fairer and transparent for all applicants.

    Self Employed

    There has been an increasing number of people opting to become self-employed, but as a new start-up it can still be difficult to access a motor loan. 


    We adopt a common sense approach which means we can help self-employed customers with just 12 months' trading history.

    Small Companies

    As with self-employed people, an increase in entrepreneurial spirit has seen the number of small companies grow. While many have prospered, we all know only too well that unexpected events can create credit problems. 


    When a business can evidence a return to profit, we aim to structure an appropriate finance arrangement.

    No Track Record

    Recent years have seen a number of professional people returning to Ireland after gaining experience abroad. We have also seen other professionals making Ireland their home. 


    We can look to provide finance to qualified workers with no previous credit history in Ireland.

    Established Credit History

    0% deposit and up to 72 month term available*. Do you have a perfect track record? If so, we have an extremely competitive rate and terms available. 


    Speak to your dealer or a member of our underwriting team today and we'll provide you with the ideal finance solution. 


    *Terms and conditions apply.

    Choose vehicle finance to buy your next car


    With finance you can choose how much deposit to put down on a vehicle, how many years you want to spread the cost and your monthly payments are fixed for the duration of your agreement. There are no hidden costs. If you do choose to pay your finance off early, you can, at any time.


    Why might vehicle finance be better for your circumstances than a bank loan?


    • We treat you as an individual, and can work with you and your dealer to discuss options and ensure the vehicle finance deal is suited to your circumstances, and the vehicle you want to buy
    • Our dedicated team are based in Ireland are here to support you if your circumstances change
    • Unlike a personal loan, which could be secured against your home or other assets, with vehicle finance, the loan is only secured against your vehicle
    • We have an interest in working with you and your dealer to resolve problems in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your vehicle
    • You can overpay at any time, with no charges
    • Decisions are quick and there’s no waiting for appointments.  You’ll likely get a decision within 30 minutes meaning you could walk in, and out of the dealership with your new vehicle, all in the same day!

    Tips on applying for finance

    When it comes to financing a car or van, the majority of people do need to borrow some or all of the money to make their plans a reality.

    Before applying for finance, it is important to consider what you can afford on a monthly basis and your credit status.

    In all circumstances:

    • Take time to understand the car finance options available to you
    • Be realistic on your monthly budget
    • Read all the paperwork to understand the terms and conditions
    • Assess lender reviews such as those available on Trustpilot
    • Prepare any evidence that may be required such as proofs of address and income
    • Avoid multiple credit applications – it can weaken your credit rating
    • Be honest with the lender
    • And finally, if you don’t know, ask questions, reputable lenders like Close Brothers Motor Finance will always seek to provide answers transparently!

    We offer a range of flexible and convenient motor finance products, so you can pay for your vehicle in monthly instalments

    Prepare carefully before applying for finance

    • Gather income evidence, including payslips and bank statements
    • Ensure you have information on residential status if you have moved to Ireland for work
    • Pull together your recent bank statements

    Above these, talk to a lender, such as Close Brothers Motor Finance, early in the process for help and guidance – We’re here to help.

    Types of vehicle we can finance


    Passenger cars

    We can finance passenger cars up to 8 years old.


    Light Commercial Vehicles

    We can finance Light Commercial Vehicles up to 8 years old and 3.5 tonnes.

    Please note: Unfortunately, at this time we cannot provide finance on Taxis and Performance vehicles.