Developing partnerships to help dealers sell more vehicles

27 June 2024 News Read time 3m
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Success in used vehicle sales continues to be all about agility. Finding, buying and getting what is classically a depreciating asset quickly is an art. At Close Brothers Motor Finance, we are on a mission to add to this agility by collaborating ever more closely with dealers to make a positive difference to the bottom line. 


We all recognise that change in the used vehicle marketplace will be a continuing feature. In recent times, shortages of used stock, inflation and rising interest rates have affected people's ability to afford the cars and vans they might want, and the increasing use of technology by customers in their buying journey are all factors where dealers have had to show new areas of agility. 


As business partners, we want to help dealers at a deeper level in a mutually beneficial way. Creating a win-win situation with finance is about helping our dealer partners increase sales and income by using finance as a marketing and profit tool. As dealers grow using finance, we will grow as well. 


Our stated starting position is straightforward; Close Brothers Motor Finance is a dealer and broker dedicated motor finance provider and expert;

1. We will keep working to say yes more often 

2. We aim to say it quicker 

3. We provide competitive rates 

4. We’ll save you and your customer time


This is only our starting position. In the months and years ahead, we will combine our expertise and resources with those of our dealers to meet the emerging needs of the Irish marketplace. 


Actions speak louder than words, so this is an opening statement of intent backed up with substance. We have the backing and commitment to bring to market the products and propositions dealers need to meet the ever-emerging marketplace needs. We will also bring fresh thinking, something for which we have an excellent track record.


I think it is safe to say that nothing is off the table. In the recent past, we have proved the value of ‘competition’ by pooling our knowledge and resources for joint innovation, working with online aggregators, and helping to bring dealer finance to life online. This move has helped ensure dealers remain front and centre of the vehicle buying process in an increasingly digital world. When we talk about partnerships, we want to start more profound dialogues, share thinking, understand challenges in greater depth and agree to collaborate for win-win success. We’re here for the long term to support all our partners.


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Donal Murphy
Managing Director
Close Brothers Motor Finance invested in Ireland 

Close Brothers Motor Finance invested in Ireland 

Seán Kemple, the CEO of Close Brothers Limited Motor Finance, and Donal Murphy, the Managing Director of Close Brothers Motor Finance, came together to discuss their vision and goals for the company.

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